Current Residents

  Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology  2014 - 15 Resident Physicians  

Brandy Ervin

Dr. Ervin

Brandy Ervin, MD | Fourth Year Resident

"Since I am originally from Northern California and moved to Tennessee from Louisiana, I spend my free time communicating with friends and family. Spare time is also spent reading OB/GYN related topics but also fiction, enjoying theatre, foreign films and exploring terrain with my dog.

My professional intentions are to work with the underserved communities of a large city. The residency program of ETSU OB/GYN and the ancillary hospitals that are also involved in my residency education allow me to have experiences at an early stage of my education that I would not have access to until 3rd/4th year at many other programs. This early access will translate to enhanced technical and management experiences that will help me serve my future medical populations well."

Undergrad / Graduate: Natural Science & Education, AA. San Joaguin Delta College, Biological Sciences, BS. Southern Arkansas University, Louisiana State Health Sciences Center, School of Graduate Studies, MS; Medical School: Louisiana State Health Sciences Center, College of Medicine



Dr. Seay

Rebecca Seay, MD | Fourth Year Resident

"After interviewing at ETSU, I knew this would be a perfect place to learn, work, and raise a family. Once we moved to Johnson City, my husband, sons, and I immediately began to explore the area. Rafting, kayaking, and other outdoor activities abound and we still have so much to discover! We have had no trouble making friends and the schools are great.

I am very fortunate to love my work and be surrounded by caring, compassionate coworkers and teachers. I feel like ETSU is the right fit for my me, from the extensive hands-on experience to the dedicated educational programs. My family and I are very happy here."

Undergraduate: WVU; Graduate: WVU School of Medicine



Dr. Mullins

Amber Mullins, MD | Third Year Resident

"I was born and raised in Southern California but have spent the last 16 years in the mountains of East Tennessee. I'm married and am the proud parent of 2 horses, a dog, and a cat. I love to travel, read good books, fish, hike, boat at the lake, run (I recently completed my first marathon). I've recently purchased my first telescope and consider myself an "amateur stargazer."

Training where I will get an excellent education with good surgical exposure is important to me. I also want a program with camaraderie among residents and faculty. I found ALL that and more at ETSU! The ETSU OB/GYN residents are happy and attendings are all wonderful and very approachable. Everyone is very supportive. I am looking forward to being a part of the team!"  

Undergrad: ETSU, Majors: Biology & Chemistry; Medical School: ETSU Quillen College of Medicine



Dr. Reardon

Meredith Reardon, MD | Third Year Resident

"I am from Greeneville, Tennessee and I have been a going to school in Johnson City since high school. I enjoy hiking, going to the lake, and reading. I like hanging out with my black lab mix, Nula, and my boyfriend. I also play lots of sports. My favorites are volleyball, softball, and basketball.

I did my medical training at QCOM and I loved working with the faculty and residents! I have an excellent relationship with the staff and I knew that working with the ETSU OB/GYN department would be fun with excellent training. My father is an OB/GYN Doctor in Greeneville, Tennessee. I believe it is important to be near family I can lean on for knowledge and guidance.'

Undergrad: ETSU; Medical School: ETSU Quillen College of Medicine



Dr. Brooks

Kiana Brooks, MD | Second Year Resident

Kiana enjoys sewing, dancing, and running. "As a student at ETSU/QCOM, the residents and attendings always made my learning experience very enjoyable. I love that this field includes primary care as well as surgery. I am looking forward to learning and using new skills."

Undergrad: Tennessee State University; Medical School: ETSU Quillen College of Medicine




Dr. Hobdy

Danielle Hobdy, MD | Second Year Resident

Danielle enjoys wake boarding, hiking, running, and watching football. "I chose the OB/GYN program because I was looking for the opportunity to be a primary care provider who is also considered a specialist in regards to women's health. I also seek to be a surgeon with a focus on health screenings and continued health care."

Undergrad: University of Tennessee, Chattanooga; Medical School: ETSU Quillen College of Medicine



Dr. Pugh

Jessica Pugh, MD | Second Year Resident

Jessica spends her free time scuba diving, reading "for fun" books like mysteries, and spending time with her family. "The people associated with the OB/GYN Department were wonderful and really accepted me as a part of the OB/GYN family--even as a student. I believe residents graduating from this program are fully prepared to take care of their patients and are able to handle many different challenges that may arise."

Undergrad: ETSU; Medical School: ETSU Quillen College of Medicine



Dr. Conger

 Jacqueline Conger, MD | First Year Resident

"I was born and raised in Arkansas, attending both undergrad and medical school in the state, and have now ventured out to the beautiful mountains of East Tennessee for Residency.  I love my fellow residents, who both support and challenge me daily.  In addition to my role as resident, I am also wife, and mother to a very energetic little boy who keeps me running.  My boys and I like hiking and playing outside, and in my free time I enjoy all things home and garden.  We love living in East Tennessee and have enjoyed making it our new home."




Dr. Cronin

Alison Cronin, DO | First Year Resident



Dr. Karsten

Brett Karsten, MD | First Year Resident




Dr. Rich

Whitney Rich, MD | First Year Resident

Whitney was born and raised in northwest Tennessee but was drawn to the beautiful mountains of East Tennessee for medical school and stayed for residency. She has 2 furbabies- Molly and Barney. Both are beagles. She loves being outside, doing Zumba, cooking, and spending time with family and dogs. During her clerkships at ETSU he saw what a wonderful community-like atmosphere this residency program had to offer, in addition to the academics to support it. Everyone here is like family, and she never wants to leave! 

Undergrad: Union University Jackson, TN; Med school: ETSU QCOM
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