Our residency focuses on the combined AP-CP track. The residency typically takes four years to complete. Resident must successfully complete a minimum of 192 weeks (48 months) of training. The core curriculum for the combined AP/CP residency is outlined below:


PGY 1: AP: 40 Weeks:

Surgical Pathology 32, Cytopathology 4, Autopsy/Forensic Pathology 4

            CP: 8 Weeks:

Blood Bank/Transfusion Medicine 4, Hematopathology 4


PGY2:  AP: 28 weeks:

Surgical Pathology 16, Cytopathology 4, Dermatopathology 4, Neuropathology 4

            CP: 20 Weeks:

Chemistry 8, Microbiology 4, Blood Bank/Transfusion Medicine 4, Hematopathology 4


PGY3:  AP: 24 weeks:

Surgical Pathology 12, Cytopathology 4, Autopsy/Forensic Pathology 4, Renal/Electron Microscopy 4

           CP: 24 Weeks:

Chemistry 4, Microbiology 4, Blood Bank/Transfusion Medicine 4, Hematopathology 4, Lab Management 4, Molecular Pathology 4


PGY4:   AP: 12 weeks:

Surgical Pathology 8, Cytopathology 4

            CP: 20 weeks:

Chemistry 4, Microbiology 4, Blood Bank/Transfusion Medicine 4, Hematopathology 4, Molecular Pathology 4

            Electives 16 weeks:

Electives can be taken in either AP or CP. Elective rotations are available in all disciplines and subspecialties and can be tailored to the individual resident’s needs. Any of the required rotations may be repeated as an elective.


The program uses four-week block rotations. This schedule permits 13 blocks per academic year, and may allow residents to earn rotation credits in excess of the minimum required. The sequence and the total number of assignments to each hospital site are carefully considered to allow maximal educational benefit. Scheduling considerations may cause some minor shifts of rotations between years of training without affecting the overall four-year curriculum. Some surgical pathology rotations in PYG 3 and 4 may be undertaken as "selectives" that focus on the subspecialties.


The required curriculum also includes:

-        Two-week rotation to Molecular Pathology Laboratory Network in Maryville Tennessee.

-        Two-week rotation to Outpatient Cytopathology Center in Johnson City, Tennessee that provides residents with specialized training in FNA and ultra-sound-guided FNA.

-        One-week rotation to the Marsh Regional Blood Center, Kingsport, Tennessee that provides experience in donor services and component testing and processing.

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