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Muhammad Azam, M.D. VAMC
Clinical Assistant Professor
Thomas A. Barklow, M.D. JCMC Clinical Associate Professor
Sandra Brooks,  M.D.  JCMC Clinical Professor
Earl Brown, M.D.  ETSU Professor, Course Director, Medical Pathology
Humera Chaudhary,  M.D.  VAMC Clinical Associate Professor
Patrick N. Costello,  M.D.  JCMC Clinical Professor
Yasmin Elshenawy OCC Clinical Assistant Professor
Kenneth E. Ferslew, Ph.D.  ETSU Professor (Pharmacology)
Andrew H. Fletcher, M.D.  JCMC Clinical Associate Professor
Elena Gertsen, M.D. JCMC  Clinical Assistant Professor
Jarret C. House, M.D. VAMC Clinical Assistant Professor
Roger A. Hubbard, Ph.D. MPLN Clinical Professor 
Chad King, M.D.  JCMC Clinical Professor
Nicole M. Masian, M.D.  ETSU Assistant Professor
Jerald E. Mullersman, M.D., Ph.D.  ETSU Professor
Talat Parveen, M.D., M.S. VAMC Clinical Associate Professor
Nicholas T. Potter, Ph.D. MPLN Clinical Professor
Neil B. Quigley, Ph.D. MPLN Clinical Associate Professor
Julie Robertson, M.D.  JCMC Clinical Associate Professor
Susan D. Rollins, M.D. OCC Clinical Associate Professor
Eugene H. Scheuerman, M.D. ETSU Associate Professor 
Robert L. Schmadeka, MD JCMC Clinical Assistant professor
Matrina Schmidt, MD
ETSU Assistant Professor
John B. Schweitzer, M.D. ETSU Professor and Chair
M. Salah Shurbaji, M.D.  ETSU Professor, and Director of Pathology Residency Program
David Sibley, M.D.  JCMC Clinical Professor
David R. Soike, M.D.  JCMC Clinical Professor
Janet F. Stastny, D.O. OCC Clinical Associate Professor
Rowena Velilla, M.D.  VAMC Clinical Associate Professor
Yurong Y. Wheeler, M.D, Ph.D.  JCMC Clinical Associate Professor
George A. Youngberg, M.D.  ETSU Professor

ETSU: East Tennessee State University, Quillen College of Medicine          JCMC: Johnson City Medical Center

MPLN: Molecular Pathology Laboratory Network                                           OCC: Outpatient Cytopathology Center Center                             

VAMC: James H. Quillen Veterans Affairs Medical Center




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