About the Project

Study Purpose:

Evaluate a parent-mediated approach utilizing brief motivational intervention and group visits to treat child (ages 5-11 years) overweight and obesity in the primary care setting.

Principal Investigator Tiejian Wu, MD, PhD (Epidemiologist)
Co-Investigator Karen E. Schetzina, MD, MPH ( Pediatrician)
Co-Investigator William T. Dalton III, PhD (Pediatric Psychologist)
Co-Investigator  Fred D. Tudiver, MD (Family Physician)
Registered Dietician Ai-Leng Ho, RD
Project Coordinator Hazel F. Robinson, B.S.
Research Assistants (GRAs): Rachel Hudak, Nicole Holt

Contact for Questions:

Hazel F. Robinson (Project Coordinator) at 423-483-5114