Questions about the Project

How much time will this take?
If you are in a Control Group, there will be 3 visits to your child’s clinic to assess family eating and activity habits and child’s weight.  If you are in an Intervention Group, you will have 2 visits to your child’s doctor and 6 group sessions.

How often do the group sessions meet?

They will meet every other week.

How long does a group session last?

About one hour

Who will be leading the group sessions?

A healthcare provider from your child’s doctor’s office.

What will I learn from the sessions?

You will be given ideas on meal planning, healthier snacking, and increasing physical activity for your family. You will also learn parenting skills to promote your child’s eating and physical activity behaviors.

If I am a part of a Control Group, will I get any information to help my child?

Yes, you will receive a Parent Handbook.

Will I be paid?

Yes, if you are in the Intervention Group, you will get $20.00 for each of the 8 visits for a total of $160.00.  If you are in the Control Group, you will get $20.00 for each of the 2 visits for a total of $40.00.