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Pediatric Research Laboratory (Proteomics)

This Division has one full-time faculty member and three staff members. Although faculty in the Department of Pediatrics have diverse research interests there are a number of areas in which common themes have emerged in recent years. A pervasive theme would be "the role of free radical pathology in pediatrics". Departmental research efforts in this general area are supported by a number of clinical and basic research grants. The Pediatric Research Laboratories have developed state-of-the- art techniques for evaluating oxidative stress and antioxidant status in human subjects and in various model systems. Plans for the immediate future include the establishment of a research emphasis in the area of Pediatric Proteomics. Considerable interdisciplinary research efforts in the area of free radical pathology have been initiated with the Departments of Biochemistry, Physiology, Chemistry and Applied Human Sciences. Graduate students in these Departments have completed thesis dissertations under the mentorship of Pediatric faculty.

For more information visit Pediatric Proteomics Mass Spectrometry Facility   

-Dr. Stone

Community Pediatric Research

Dr. Schetzina earned a BA in Chemistry, MD, and MPH from the University of North Carolina. She completed her residency training in Pediatrics at Stanford University. She was a clinical instructor and research coordinator at Stanford for two years following residency and has been on the faculty at ETSU since 2003.  The focus of the Division of Community Pediatrics Research has been on interdisciplinary collaborations and use of a community-based participatory research approach to child health promotion and disease prevention. Dr. Schetzina is co-founder of a regional breastfeeding coalition and co-leader of a statewide quality improvement project aimed at enhancing prenatal support for breastfeeding through the Tennessee Initiative for Perinatal Quality Care ( TIPQC). She is also a faculty preceptor for an interdisciplinary section of ETSU Rural Track students who are working with healthcare providers and schools in the region to promote breastfeeding. Activities of the division have also included partnership projects with regional schools , including development and evaluation of the Winning with Wellness child obesity prevention initiative and evaluation of the Hawkins County Schools’ Carolyn M. White PEP grant aimed at enhancing physical education and promoting lifelong fitness among elementary and middle school students.  A current NIH R15 is supporting a cluster randomized controlled trial of a primary care clinic-based intervention, PLAN for Healthy Living, to reduce child overweight and obesity in Appalachia. Dr. Schetzina is also a co-investigator in a new NIH R01-funded trial of a cross-age peer intervention to prevent adolescent obesity (Team UP). For the past 18 months Dr. Schetzina served as a physician leader with a multidisciplinary team from Niswonger Children's Hospital  with the NACHRI Focus on a Fitter Future II project.

Selected Publications

Dalton WT, Schetzina KE, Holt N, et al. Parent-Led Activity and Nutrition (PLAN) for Healthy Living: Design and Methods. Contemporary Clinical Trials. 2011 [epub ahead of print]. 

Schetzina KE, Dalton WT, Pfortmiller DT, et al. The Winning with Wellness pilot project: rural Appalachian elementary students physical activity and eating behaviors and program implementation four years later.  Family and Community Health. 2011; 34(2):154-62.

Dalton WT, Schetzina KE, Pfortmiller DT, Slawson DL, Frye WS. Health Behaviors and Health-Related Quality of Life among Middle School Children in Southern Appalachia: Data from the Winning with Wellness Project. J. Pediatric Psychology, 2010; 36(6): 677-686.

Holt N, Schetzina KE, Dalton WT, et al. Primary care practice addressing child overweight and obesity: a survey of primary care physicians at four clinics in southern Appalachia.  Southern Medical Journal, 2011;104(1): 14-19.

Schetzina KE, Dalton WT, Lowe EF, et al. Developing a coordinated school health approach to child obesity prevention in rural Appalachia; results of focus groups with teachers, parents, and students.  Rural and Remote Health 2009;9:1157.

Spear B, Barlow S, Ervin C, Ludwig D, Saelens B, Schetzina K, Tavaras E. Recommendations for Treatment of Child and Adolescent Overweight and Obesity.  Pediatrics. Vol. 120 Supplement December 2007, pp. S254-S288.

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