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Pediatric Department Faculty Directory A - Z


Anand, Rajani, MD | Professor | Cardiology (patient care site)

Bharti, Des, MD Professor | Neonatology (patient care site)

Chastain, David O., MDProfessor of Pediatrics | Director of Adolescent Medicine (patient care site)

Cook, Cathleen, MD, MEd, FAAP | Assistant Professor | Hematology / Oncology (patient care site)

DeVoe, Michael, MD | Professor | Chief of Neonatology (patient care site)

Dodd, Will, MD Clinical Assistant Professor |  General Pediatrician   (patient care site)

Ford, George A. MD, MS | Assistant   Professor | Endocrinology   (patient care site)

Gavirneni, Madhavi, MD | Assistant   Professor | General Pediatrics

Hajianpour, MJ, MD, PhD, FACMG | Professor and Chief, Division of Medical Genetics

Hollinger, Shawn, MD | Professor Neonatology (patient care site)

Jaishankar,  Gayatri Bala, MD Associate Professor | Associate Program Director | General Pediatrician (patient care site)

Johnson, Kiana, PhD, MSEd, MPH  | Assistant Professor | Research Information

Johnson, Mary, MD |  Assistant Professor |  Hospital Medicine  (patient care site)

Justice, Nathan, MD | Clinical Assistant Professor |  General Pediatrician   (patient care site)

Klopfenstein, Kathryn, MD Professor | Hematology / Oncology (patient care site)

Kooy, Niel Warren, MD, MBA |  Assistant   Professor | Pediatric  Critical Care   (patient care site)

Lucas, Melinda, MD, MS |  Professor | MS-IV Pediatric Clerkship Director | Director, Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) Director, Pediatric Sedation Team | Director, Pediatric Transport Team | Pediatric Critical Care (patient care site)

Macariola, Demetrio, MD Assistant Professor & Clerkship Co-Director | Director, Division of Pediatric Infectious Disease (patient care site)

Mills, Debra, MD Professor | General Pediatrician (patient care site)

Popescu, Marcela, MD Associate Professor | Hematology / Oncology (patient care site)

Puhr, Dianna C., MDClinical Assistant Professor | General Pediatrician (patient care site)

Schetzina, Karen, MD, MPH | Professor | General Pediatrician   (patient care site) | Director, Community Pediatrics | Research Information

Shah, Darshan, MD, FAAP |  Associate Professor | Neonatology (patient care site)

Stewart, Barbara A., MD  | Professor | Pediatric Pulmonology (patient care site)

Stone, William, PhD |  Professor | Director, Pediatric Research | Research Information

Schweitzer, John W., MD |  Assistant Professor |  Hospital Medicine  (patient care site) 

Teixeira, Otto, MD Professor | Pediatric Cardiology (patient care site)

Tuell, Dawn, MD | Associate   Professor | Director of Residency Program | Generalist (patient care site)

Wattad, Ahmad, MD Professor | Pediatric Nephrology (patient care site)

Williams, Jackson, MD Clinical Assistant Professor |  General Pediatrician   (patient care site)

Wilt, Andrew Steven MD |  Assistant Professor |  Hospital Medicine  (patient care site)  

Wood, David L., MD | Pediatric Chairman | General Pediatrician (patient care site)

Xixis, Kathryn, MD Assistant Professor |  Pediatric Neurologist   (patient care site)


Bird, Martha, MD | 
Adjunct Associate Professor | Psychiatry (patient care site)
Olsen, Martin, MD |  Adjunct Professor | Gynecology (patient care site)
Papas, Andreas, PhD | Adjunct Professor
Pierce, Andrew, MD | Adjunct Assistant Professor
Taylor, Lesli, MD |  Adjunct Professor | Surgery (patient care site)
Thigpen, James, PharmD | Adjunct Assistant Professor  


Becker, Teresa, RN, NNP |  Clinical Instructor | Neonatal
Benson, Paul, MD | Clinical Assistant Professor
Bischoff, Paul, MD | Clinical Assistant Professor
Calendine, Christopher, MD | Clinical Assistant Professor
Carlsen, Jeffrey, MD | Clinical Assistant Professor
Castro, Sandra, MD | Clinical Associate Professor | Director, MSHA ER Department 
Clemons, Robert, MD | Clinical Associate Professor | Dermatology 
Combs, Landon, MD | Clinical Associate Professor 
Combs, Steven, MD | Clinical Professor
Donovan, Mark, MD | Clinical Associate Professor 
Estes, Michelle, MD | Clinical Assistant Professor 
Farmer, Margaret, MD | Clinical Associate Professor
Francisco, Mary, MD | Clinical Associate Professor
Garrison, Matthew, MD | Clinical Assistant Professor
Gill, Thomas, MD | Clinical Associate Professor
Grunstra, Bernard, MD |  Clinical Assistant Professor
Guzman, Luella, MD |  Clinical Assistant Professor
Hussey, Elizabeth, RN, NNP |  Clinical Instructor | Neonatal
Jeansonne, Susan, MD |  Clinical Assistant Professor
Keene, Melissa MD |  Clinical Assistant Professor
Ledes, Christopher, MD |  Clinical Associate Professor
Lewis, Donald, MD |  Clinical Associate Professor
Makres, Thomas, MD |  Clinical Associate Professor
Marlow, Amy, MD |  Clinical Assistant Professor
Miller, Nicole, MD |  Clinical Associate Professor
Mulroy, Maureen T., PhD |  Clinical Associate Professor of Pediatrics
Neal, Marianne, MD |  Clinical Associate Professor | Radiology
Peters, Kim, RN |  Clinical Instructor
Puhr, Dianna, MD |  Clinical Assistant Professor
Rose, Jennifer, MD |  Clinical Assistant Professor
Sifford, Melissa, RN | Clinical Instructor
Skelton, Barbara J., MD | 
Clinical Assistant Professor
Smith, Bert, MD |  Clinical Assistant Professor
Snyder, Melissa, MD |  Clinical Assistant Professor
Strickland, Katherine, EeD |  Clinical Instructor | Hematology/Oncology
Swarner, O., MD |  Clinical Associate Professor
Taylor, Tedford, MD |  Clinical Associate Professor
Terry, Brittney, DO |  Clinical Assistant Professor
Villalobos, Gabriela, MD |  Clinical Assistant Professor
Willocks, Angela, RN, FNP | Clinical Instructor
Walters, Kim, RN, NNP | 
Clinical Instructor | Neonatal

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