Salary and Benefits


PL - 1        $45,825.21
PL - 2        $47,193.21
PL - 3        $48,882.65

* Salaries adjusted annually

Fifteen days (15) per year for all levels

Sick Leave
One day per month sick leave is accrued

Administrative Leave
Five (5) days during residency period; no more than two (2) days for interns (PL-1)

Educational Leave
Requires departmental approval
(Travel and book funding available at the discretion of the chairman)

Health, Life, Disability and Professional

One and two-bedroom apartments in the area are available for an average of $500-$750 per month.

Additional Benefits
Private call rooms
Free snacks available in JCMC Resident office
Meal allowance at hospital
Monogrammed lab coats for all interns
Free use of ETSU Center for Physical Activity (gymnasium / pool / track)
ETSU Discount
at local businesses