Residency Program Leadership

tuellDr. Dawn Tuell is the Program Director for the Pediatric Residency Program and is responsible for making sure that you get a sound pediatric education. Dr. Tuell will interview you during your visit and inform you of recent or future changes to the program. She may be reached at (423) 439-8766 or by email at  and will be glad to talk with you about the residency program. 

jaishankarDr. Gayatri Jaishankar is Associate Program Director. She and Dr. Tuell will work together to enhance your experience as a pediatric resident. Dr. Jaishankar will be glad to talk with you anytime or to answer any questions you  may have regarding the residency program. She may be reached by telephone at (423) 439-8880 or by email at

The Graduate Medical Education Coordinator for the Pediatric Residency Program provides day-to-day administrative management. All applications are received through the Electronic Residency Application Service, ERAS. We only evaluate completed official ERAS applications. All documents that are not part of an ERAS application will be discarded. Contact (423) 439-6763.

Shirley Schultz is the Information Research Technician. She takes care of the clerical support and organization for the residency program and can answer a host of questions.  Shirley may be reached by telephone at (423) 439-8831 or by email at