Residency Program Information

Welcome Pediatric Residents for 2014 - 2015

Welcome Pediatric Residents for 2014 - 2015!

Row 1 Drs. Ahmad Aboaziza, Jeremy Bradley, Erin Majchrzak
Row 2 Drs. Keerthi Reddy, Jennifer Jaynes, Lindsey Bull, Cassie Hudson, Colette Lauhan, Daniel Armentrout
Row 3 Drs. Nilesh Dankhara, Madhavi Gavirneni, Kiran Kalra, Loreta Bidot, Min Jung
Row 4 Drs. Ghassan Saeb, Piyush Singh

Mission Statement

The ETSU Department of Pediatrics Residency Training Program strives to train residents in the art and science of Pediatric medicine so that they may be leaders in Child and Adolescent health in their communities, nation and world. We seek to foster an educational environment that will allow each resident to become a competent and compassionate physician and to successfully meet his or her personal career goals.



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Pediatric Boards

Residency Program Administration

Requirements to Apply

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