Letter from the Chair

Dear Visitor,

We at East Tennessee State University's Department of Psychiatry would like to extend our welcome to you. We are proud members of the James H. Quillen College of Medicine as well as the Upper East Tennessee psychiatric community. The department is located in one of the nation's most beautiful locations, in the midst of the Appalachian Mountains surrounded by rivers, streams, lakes, and forests. You will find that we have a thriving, growing department that achieves excellence in service to patients, teaching of medical students and psychiatry residents and research.

Our psychiatry training program is broad-based so as to give a good foundation in the full spectrum of psychiatric disorders, treatment approaches and treatment sites. As a consequence, medical students and residents in our program receive intensive exposure to a variety of facilities. We are strong believers in a comprehensive, bio-psychosocial approach to psychiatry. This provides trainees a strong basis for the future practice of psychiatry, as well as some first-hand encounters from which one can choose later career preferences. We currently offer training in general psychiatry.

We enjoy our work here. Our program is small enough to facilitate close relationships. You will find a receptive social environment in which you can grow as an individual as you learn to help others. You may find much more information about our department and our programs on our web pages, including information about our faculty, our affiliates, and our research track. Please contact us if you are interested in learning more about our department. Feel free contact me if I may help you in any way.