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4th RPCT Selective in a Primary Care Specialty
in an Underserved Area

This course provides an opportunity to explore the care of patients in underserved communities.  The Selective may be an eight week clerckship or two four-week rotations and must focus on caring for patients in an underserved primary care setting where interdisciplinary collaboration is part of routine patient care.  Students are expected to diagnose and manage patients at a level appropriate to a "sub-intern" under supervision of their instructors.  Students acquire the ability to increase their competence in patient care in an underserved primary care setting by integrating patient management skills with the appropriate medical, diagnostic, assessment, and treatment plans to include individual and family meetings to communicate plans and to resolve differences concerning treatment plan, advance directives, surgical decisions, etc. During this rotation students develop an increasing awareness of the ethical dilemmas of patient care in underserved communities and develop personal understanding of how to deal with these dilemmas.  Students may select experiences from numerous rural and international clinical locations.
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