2012 Residency Placements Results


Blair Abelson - Internal Medicine

Katie Barger - Pediatrics

Aaron Beckwith - General Surgery

Brad Beeler - Internal Medicine

Jonathan Boy - Medicine

Jeremy Bradley - Pediatrics

Lesley Bundon - Obstetrics-Gynecology

Isaac Cline - Internal Medicine

Jessica Crowe - Pediatrics

Jim Deering - Anesthesiology

Paige Dudley - Family Medicine

Amy Duncan - General Surgery

Megan Edwards - Pediatrics

Heather Farley - General Surgery

Kesha Fifer - Pediatrics

Vamsi Gaddipati - Internal Medicine

Thomas Gill - Orthopaedic Surgery

David Harris - Ophthalmology

Stephanie Hart - General Surgery

Ryan Hensley - Pediatrics

Sarah Hensley - Anesthesiology

Will Hickerson - Emergency Medicine

Kevin Jenkins - Pathology

Maleka Khambaty - Internal Medicine

Rahul Lauhan - Psychiatry

James Leinhart - Emergency Medicine

Vivak Master - Internal Medicine

Jon Mather - Radiology-Diagnostic

Lindsey Matthews - Pathology

Jeff Moore - Internal Medicine

Amber Mullins - Obstetrics-Gynecology

James Oaks - Internal Medicine

Mariah Pate - Otolaryngology

Reema Patel - Internal Medicine

Jeremy Pickell - Pediatrics

Dustin Price - Orthopaedic Surgery

Belinda Reardon - Obstetrics-Gynecology

Dave Reece - Radiology-Diagnostic

Justin Reno - Family Medicine

Shawn Robertson - Emergency Medicine

Jason Ross - Internal Medicine

Elli Saraceno - Internal Medicine

Erik Schneibel - Internal Medicine

Robert Scott - Psychiatry

Ryan Shea - Pediatrics

Adam Sipe - Radiology-Diagnostic

Andrew Smith - Family Medicine

Brian Smith - Family Medicine

Brett Sorah - Surgery

Joel Torres - Neurology

Tyler Walker - Emergency Medicine

Cooper Warren - Medicine

Casey Watkins - Dermatology

Tim Weatherall - General Surgery

Erin Winkler - Obstetrics-Gynecology

Heather Wright - Pediatrics

Angela Yates - Obstetrics-Gynecology

Brad and Father  Brad and Father   Casey and Mother Casey and Mother 
 Dustin and family Dustin and family  Friends Friends
 Kevin and family Kevin and family  Reema and brother Reema and brother
 Ryan and Sarah Ryan and Sarah  Ryan and son Ryan and son

Institution & Specialty Results


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