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Aaron Beckwith

2012 Graduate (HPSP Student, Air Force)

Sparta, TN

Undergraduate School and Major
Tennessee Technological University; Biology

Specialty/Career Plans
As an HPSP student, I will be working as an Air Force physician, but in what field or specialty I don't know right now.

Extracurricular Activities
Running, Watching football, going to the movies

Marital Status

Aaron Beckwith
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Why Quillen
Why not Quillen? That is the question I thought about when I decided to come here. The faculty and staff are unbelievable and I can't imagine finding more friendly and helpful people who genuinely care about you and your future.

Being a Quillen Student
There are a couple things that make being a Quillen student so great. The first is the people who are here. From the students to the faculty to the staff, it all has a small family atmosphere. Another thing that is good is the small class size. I know that gets advertised a lot but it really makes a difference. Teachers who know your name just says something extra in how they feel about you learning the material in order to become a better doctor. Lastly, the location of the school in East Tennessee is a very relaxing environment with the mountains and the great outdoors.

Living in Northeast Tennessee
It is relaxing living here in Northeast Tennessee. I enjoy a lot of outdoors activities such as mountain biking, running, hiking, camping, and pretty much anything that involves being outside. It is great to get done with classes and being able to go hang out in the mountains. The drive to North Carolina is very short and there are some good places to go skiing. I get to enjoy a beautiful mountain landscape on my drive to school every day.

Prior Life
In my previous life before medical school I was a Biology major who was also in the military. I spent some time overseas during my college years and it taught me some life lessons. You can't take life too seriously or you will miss out on it.

Words of Wisdom
Don't take things too seriously. You can only give things your best shot and that is all you can do. If you made it to medical school you obviously have a high aptitude, so put in the work and don't worry about the rest.









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