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Brad Beeler

2012 Graduate

Knoxville, TN

Undergraduate School and Major
University of Tennessee; Biochemistry

Specialty/Career Plans
Open-minded at this point, however, my interests thus far have included internal medicine and orthopedic surgery.

Extracurricular Activities
Intramurals, football, skiing, and any social events with students.

Marital Status

Brad Beeler
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Why Quillen
The question for me during the admissions process was, "Why not Quillen?" During this time I quickly realized that Quillen had everything I needed to foster an exceptional medical education. The small class size embraces comradery among the student body, as well as providing personal attention from every single professor! This in itself is unique to our school, and separates Quillen from other institutions in my mind. Other factors that stood out in my mind were the national attention given to our success in family medicine / general practice! Not only does Quillen maintain prestige at the rural level, but every year the institution puts graduates into competitive residencies across the board. I know graduating from Quillen will prepare me for any residency that I so choose.
Let's face it I could go on and on about why I wanted to come to Quillen, but the bottom line is you can learn medicine at virtually any institution. However, the experience you gain during the process will benefit you well into your practice, your life, and your relationships, and Quillen embraces the values that will help you thrive in all of those aspects.

Being a Quillen Student
Understand that being a student at Quillen not only requires academic prowess, but also involves students' ability to integrate into active parts of their school and community. Whether it is playing intramurals, hiking on Roan Mountain, or working migrant clinics on a Saturday, as a student your involvement in extra-curricular activities is totally available, totally up to you, and helps keep your personal life outside of med school in a well balance. The thing that makes Quillen unique is the personal touch it provides, our professors and staff take an academic and personal investment in us that once again embraces the accountability of being a med student. The bottom line is you get really close to the students and staff at Quillen; I enjoy coming to school every day to share laughs, and learn with sixty of my best friends.










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