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Neil Hamilton

Program   M.D.

Hometown   Knoxville, TN

Undergraduate School and Major
My undergraduate degrees include a BS in Psychology from the University of Texas at El Paso (double minor in biology and chemistry), and a BS in Physician Assistant Studies from University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas, TX.   I then completed my Master of Physician Assistant Studies degree in 2007 from the University of Nebraska.


Specialty / Career Plans I currently have a strong desire to pursue anesthesiology as my residency.

Extracurricular Activities I enjoy cycling with my children, and completing woodwork projects in my spare time.

Marital Status Married

Neil Hamilton
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Why Quillen

Quillen College of Medicine struck me as the perfect match for me and my family.   The small class size and family atmosphere of the school and community of Johnson City made me feel right at home.   The location was close to friends and family (only an hour and a half from Knoxville).   When I contacted the students and faculty prior to my application they were very receptive and met with me and my children to answer my questions.   Everyone was accommodating and obviously interested in my needs.   With its nationally recognized and competitive program QCOM was my first choice for medical school.   After visiting and talking with students and professors, I could not picture myself anywhere else.

Juggling School and Family

Obviously medical school demands a great amount of your time, but I have been able to handle my classes, tests, and extra-curricular demands along with having a family.   I have a great supportive wife and two wonderful daughters (6 and 11 years old).   I schedule one day on the weekend that is just “our time”.   Setting your priorities is a must before attending medical school.   There are compromises that I make in order to balance family and school such as spending time with my children instead of with classmates after tests, and having lunch with my wife if I know that I need to study late in the evening.   Overall, it is doable…sometimes frustrating….but doable.


Being a Quillen Student

Ever since I began class, I have thoroughly enjoyed my time here at QCOM.   The small class size allows each and every one of us direct hands on experience with patients and to really get to know each other.   I do not feel like a number, but rather an integral part of a select group of very diverse people.   I am happy and very proud to say that I am a Quillen student.   I would definitely choose QCOM again.   The facilities are cutting-edge and I could not ask for better professors.   We are affiliated with several local hospitals and clinics which are amply prepared to teach and accommodate medical students with a wide variety of interests.

Prior Life

Prior to attending medical school I worked in several different fields.   I served in the US Navy for six years (during Desert Storm) and traveled all over the globe.   After completing my BS in psychology, I attended UT Southwestern Medical Center and became a physician assistant.   I worked in Orthopaedic Surgery for the following eight years as a mid-level practitioner.   My goal is to complete my MD degree, enter a residency in anesthesia, and practice in East Tennessee.

Words of Wisdom

Remember that attending medical school is not an end point, but rather a stepping stone on the path to becoming a competent and skilled physician, educator, and healer.  

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