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Sonia Millan


Rural Primary CareTrack

Boston, MA

Undergraduate School and Major 
Duke University

Specialty/Career Plans
Emergency Med? Radiology? Trauma? Surgery?

Extracurricular Activities
Anything outdoors, whitewater boating, mountain biking, etc

Marital Status
Married, 1 dog

Sonia Millan   
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Why Quillen
It's small, it's in a good location for outdoors stuff, professors are totally available and here to teach!

Being a Quillen Student
BUSY, bit not miserable.

Juggling School and Family
Not easy!

Life Outside the Classroom
You MUST keep doing the things that make you happy; you won't be given the time off (there's always something to study), but you have to take the time off...wisely.

Living In Northeast Tennessee
Great weather, beautiful if I can just get the beach to move this'd be perfect.

Prior Life
I was a raft guide for 9 years, a petroleum geologist for 6 months, a temp at various administrative jobs, and a cocktail waitress. I had loads of fun and travel experience in my prior life.

Words of Wisdom
Go big or go home.

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