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T.J. Mitchell

Program   M.D.

Hometown   Morristown, TN

Undergraduate School and Major East Tennessee State University, Chemistry

Specialty / Career Plans Not completely sure yet, but leaning toward surgery.

Extracurricular Activities Reading, watching baseball and basketball, keeping up with politics and government

Marital Status Single

T.J. Mitchell
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Why Quillen

Quillen has everything that I think is important to have in a medical school. I went to college at ETSU, so throughout my undergraduate years I had a chance to see the friendliness and supportiveness of the faculty and staff, how much the students really love being here, and how modern the facilities are. With all of these things coming together, Quillen just seemed like the "right" nurturing environment for me to learn to be the best possible physician I can be.


Being a Quillen Student   

The best thing about being a Quillen student is getting to meet so many amazing people. Whether it is your professors, support staff, or classmates, everyone is truly interested in making sure that you do your very best. One of the best things about our school is our small class size. With our number of students, it's possible to have a very tight bond with fellow classmates and get a very good amount of individual help from professors. Overall I have found that being a Quillen student means having a second family. We are challenged with our class work, and we work hard to meet these challenges, but it's always in a supportive environment that makes sure we have what we need to succeed. 

Living in Northeast Tennessee   

Living in Northeast Tennessee offers a lot of different things. Probably the most noticeable aspect is the natural beauty of the region. Our school is literally "in the shadow of the mountains", which creates a relaxing atmosphere to both learn and have fun in! We also get to enjoy a temperate climate that doesn't get too hot in the summer and doesn't get too cold in the winter. The Tri-Cities region also offers a diverse range of activities, stores, and restaurants that would suit almost anyone's tastes.  Johnson City has the feel of a small town with many of the resources of a larger urban center, and is conveniently close to North Carolina, Virginia, several beaches, and a few large metropolitan cities.

Prior Life   

In my prior life (all 22 years of it), school has been pretty much all I have known. I decided not to take any time off and went straight into medical school from college. That is what worked best for me, but for many of my classmates taking time to do other things worked best. In the end, regardless of what you did before, if you gain acceptance into a medical school, you officially have the skills necessary to do well.

Words of Wisdom   

The most important thing to do when looking for a medical school is to find the one that best suits you. Anyone will tell you that studying to become a physician is tough, but it can also be really enjoyable if you are at the right place. I found the right school, and couldn't be happier, but I also couldn't imagine doing the class work that I do in a place that I didn't like. So, whether it's Quillen or not, find the place where you think you will be happy because that is what's most important.

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