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Elsie Osei-Nkansah



Knoxville, TN

Undergraduate School and Major  
University of Tennessee Knoxville

Specialty/Career Plans
Family Medicine, Internal Medicine, Obstetrics and Gynecology 

Extracurricular Activities
Reading autobiographies, cooking Ghanaian meals, church on Sundays, and getting some good sleep in when I can

Marital Status

Elsie Osei-Nkansah   
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Why Quillen
What attracted me to Quillen initially was the location. I loved living in East Tennessee during my undergraduate education. However, when I interviewed here, I was drawn to the school not because of location alone, but because of how the students and the administrators interacted with each other. Being here at Quillen, is like being a part of a big family, everyone is there to help when you need it. The small class size is very nice because you end up getting to know all your classmates very well.

Juggling School and Family
Like most people, family is very important to me and having most of my family living outside of the country makes it very difficult to keep in touch with them. I was born and raised in Ghana, and currently, my father and sisters live in Accra, Ghana and my brother lives in London. I make it a point to call my family at least twice a week; this gives me a chance to be involved in their lives and also to get some support from them to help me through school.

Prior Life
After my undergraduate degree, I attended graduate school at SUNY, Buffalo, where I got my masters degree in chemistry.

Words of Wisdom
Most people who are applying to medical school know that the road to becoming a physician is not difficult. Well that is completely true, however, one advice I will give is that, while we work towards our future, we should not forget about other important things in our lives. Always make time for your family and friends because in the end, they will be waiting at the finish line. Also make time for the things that you love to do, if it is cooking, reading, or sleeping, because it is very important not to lose a part of yourself.
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