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Justin Sigmon


M.D., Year III

Asheville, NC

Undergraduate School and Major 
University of North Carolina - Asheville 

Specialty/Career Plans
Pediatrics/Internal Medicine 

Extracurricular Activities
Flyfishing, hiking, traveling 

Marital Status

Justin Sigmon
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Why Quillen?
The main qualities that drew me to Quillen were the environment that caters to teaching, small class sizes, location in the mountains close to home, and a strong reputation in primary care fields such as family medicine, pediatrics, and rural medicine.  Also, if you like the outdoors, there are many opportunities close by to enjoy. 

Being a Quillen Student 
I feel like I am part of a family here. Everyone gets along well and shares a common bond as a medical student trying to succeed. You can always find someone close by to talk to.

Juggling School and Family
As long as you keep up with your coursework on a daily basis, there is ample time to set aside for family on the weekends and throughout the week. Self-motivation is key to keeping up with everything, and of course, around exams the amount of family time diminishes greatly - but that is to be expected. 

Living in Northeast Tennessee
Johnson City has been a great place to live thus far for my wife and me. Probably the first thing that comes to mind is how friendly most people in the area tend to be and the genuine hospitality that we have been welcomed with throughout our transition from Asheville. One very important plus to living in this area is that the cost of living is significantly lower than in areas where other med schools are located. Also, the town is laid out to where everything you need from restaurants, school, shopping, etc. is close by. It is also a short hour from neighboring Asheville, which makes it relatively easy to go back and see family and friends.  

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