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Participant Experience

Participant Experience

Medical Horizons Experience

Participants will rotate through 4 one-week experiences in various medical specialties, including:  surgery, pediatrics, family medicine, internal medicine, obstetrics/gynecology, emergency (ER) medicine, anesthesiology, radiology and pathology.

-Each Monday morning the student will attend a series of interactive sessions discussing various medical topics.  Topics such as ethics, finance, med school admissions, and application preparation are covered among other subjects.  The balance of each weekly experience will be in the hospitals and clinical settings.  Each participant is provided a lab coat and authorizing credentials. 

-Participants will be assigned to various physicians and residents who will be responsible for the student’s experience in the hospital/clinic setting.

-Participants are expected to participate in all scheduled program activities.

"I've learned about medicine, but I have also learned about myself and now I know that medicine is the career I want to pursue and ultimately what I want to spend my life doing."  Medical Horizons Participant

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