Direct Deposit

Direct Deposit

Direct deposit is a process for electronic funds transfer to your account at a financial institution you choose. ETSU does not recommend the use of any financial institution. You can use any bank where you have an existing checking account. It is a quick, easy, and safe method of receiving your financial aid refund!

Benefits of direct deposit

1. Quicker
Funds are usually available within 1-2 business days following transfer from ETSU. Always check with your bank before spending these funds to avoid non-sufficient funds charges to your account.

2. Flexible
Direct deposits can be deposited at your local bank or the bank in your hometown.

3. Convenient
Direct deposit is available to you, regardless of your schedule. You don't have to be on campus or in town to receive your financial aid refund.

4. Safe
Direct deposit eliminates the risk of a lost or stolen check. Most problems with financial aid refunds (after aid is received) are with paper checks, not direct deposits.

To set up your direct deposit account, please follow these simple steps:


1. Follow this link:

2. Sign into Goldlink using your University ID, which is your E-Number (the 'E' must be capitalized), and PIN (Personal Identification Number with ETSU). Your ETSU default PIN is your six-digit birth date (mmddyy).

3. Click on Refund Account Setup under Account Alerts or click on eRefunds located in the top bar (you should see the following screen).

direct deposit screenshot 

4. Click on the green box to set up your account. Follow instructions provided.



*If you choose not to enroll for direct deposit, your refund check will be mailed. Checks will no longer be distributed through the Financial Services Cashier windows in Burgin Dossett hall.

If you encounter any problems or have any other questions, contact Chris Hicks in the Bursar's office at (423)439-4212.