Partners In Medicine

Partners in Medicine

The College of Medicine has made scholarships a fund-raising priority. Upon graduation, our students have amassed an average debt of $96,000. Because the majority of our physicians are committed to providing primary care in underserved areas, most choose a specialty and practice location that are not traditionally lucrative.

Alumni, faculty, staff and friends are providing scholarship funds to help medical students concentrate on academic and clinical endeavors while enrolled.  Gift to the Partners in Medicine Scholarship Endowment help reduce the tuition burden on students, and enable the College of Medicine to fulfill its mission of providing more physicians to small, rural communities.

Special thanks go to our Partners in Medicine listed below. For information on becoming a Partner in Medicine / making a gift to the College of Medicine, please contact the Office of University Advancement at (423) 439-4242 or email Carol Sloan, Associate Vice President for University Advancement at

Partners in Medicine
FY2011-12 Honor Roll


Dean's Service Society
$10,000 to $24,999
Dr. & Mrs. Matthew B. Blue
Dr. Richard G. Skalko
Dr. Darrell L. Smith

Scholars Circle
$5,000 to $9,999
Dr. & Mrs. Bill Block, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. R. Wiley Bourne, Jr.
Drs. Rob & Donna D. Brown
Dr. & Mrs. Louis A. Cancellaro
Dr. & Mrs. Tom Clary, III
Dr. & Mrs. Steven S. Crider
Mr. & Mrs. Frank W.* DeFriece, Jr.
Dr. & Mrs. Bob Elder
Drs. Allen D. & Anita S. Everett
Dr. Ronald D. Franks & Dr. Vicky R. V. Franks
Dr. Jane E. Hayden
Drs. Margaret W. & Arthur* Hougland
Dr. & Mrs. T. T. "Sam" Knight, Jr.
Dr. Ameeta Lall & Mr. Chris Watkins
Ms. Linda K. Lamb
Dr. Ray Lamb
Dr. David & Mrs. Sherri Linville
Dr. Aleshia L. Lunsford & Mr. Terry Lunsford
Dr. & Mrs. Jay Mehta
Dr. & Mrs. Kenneth E. Olive
Drs. Sankhavaram R. & Aruna S. Panini
Dr. Michael A. Ponder & Ms. Carolyn A. Kornegay
Drs. John B. & Janice B. Schweitzer
Ms. Karen K. Sells & Mr. David F. Sells
Dr. Patrick & Ms. Carol P. Sloan
Mr. Joe Wimberly*

Fellows Circle
$2,500 to $4,999
Dr. & Mrs. I. William Browder
Dr. David A. Johnson
Dr. John M. Morse
Dr. Sukeshi Singh – in memory of Dr. H. N. Sharma
Washington, Unicoi, & Johnson County Medical Association

Residents Circle
$1,000 to 2,499
Jeff & Beth Anderson
Dr. Christopher Benton
Dr. Kyle T. & Ms. Mary E. Colvett
Drs. Philip S. & Joan C. Coogan
First Tennessee Bank
Drs. Michael R. & Susanna M. Floyd
In Memory of Dr. Carl J. Gerber
GlaxoSmithKline Foundation
Dr. Mitchell & Mrs. Margy Goldman
Dr. & Mrs. Doug Hargrave
Dr. & Mrs. Mark A. Howell
Dr. Thomas E. Kwasigroch & Dr. Christine L. Kwasigroch
Dr.  Richard A. & Mrs. Lois A. Manahan
Dr. & Mrs. William S. Martin
Dr. Gary P. Miller
Dr. & Mrs. Turan Ozdil
Mr. Robert M. & Carol M. Plummer
Drs. David R. & Julie L. Richardson
Dr. Benny Smith, Jr.
Tennessee Electric Co., Inc.
Dr. & Mrs. Brant S. Vincent
Wallace Foundation
Mr. Chuck Whitfield
Dr. Daniel J. Wooten

Students Circle
Under $1,000
Dr. & Mrs. Gary Q. Casey
Dr. W. Scott Champney
Dr. Buddy Joe & Mrs. Janice Clayton
Dr. James E. Cole, II
Dr. Jeffrey S. Cook
Dr. & Mrs. Howard L. Curlin
Mr. Thomas L. & Ms. Hannah M. Dahl
Dr. & Mrs. Tony R. Emison
ETSU Physicians & Associates
Dr. & Mrs. David W. Fanning
Dr. Margot G. Feintuch
Dr. John D. Fenley
Florida State University
Dr. Robert Hines & Dr. Mary A. Hooks
Drs. Stephen F. Kowalski & Judy Bowen-Kowalski
Dr. & Mrs. Eric R. Manahan
Dr. Stephanie C. McClure
Dr. Calvin V. Morgan, Jr. & Mrs. Mary M. Morgan
Dr. Jean R. Murphy
Dr. Kenneth & Mrs. Julie Porter-Shirley
Dr. Eustacia L. Pratt & Mr. Robert E. Pratt, II
Mr. & Mrs. Ronald E. Robeson
Dr. Marcia Mathes Sentell
Dr. & Mrs. David Sewell
State of Franklin Healthcare Association
Dr. and Mrs. Chadwick J. Thomas
Dr. Jessica B. Tuberty & Dr. Peter M. Tuberty
Dr. Grayson S. Woods
Dr. Gerald E. York, II & Dr. Angela York


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