Department of Surgery Faculty Listing by Division

General Surgery 
Daniel Anderson, MD
William Browder, MD, Chair

Carlos Floresguerra, MD, Chief of General Surgery, Vice-Chair
Tiffany Lasky, DO, MS, Clerkship Director
Joseph Lee, MD, Resident Program Director
Ariel Spencer, MD
George Testerman, MD

Hepatobiliary Surgery
Joseph Lee, MD, Resident Program Director
Barbara Kimbrough, MD, Director, Ophthalmology 
Juduan Alison, MD 
Anne Eberhart, MD
Pediatric Surgery  
Lesli Taylor, MD, Director, Pediatric Surgery 

Plastic Surgery  
Daniel Haynes, MD, Director, Plastic Surgery
Gaurav Bharti, MD 

Ryan Chatelain, DPM
Jay Riley, DPM

Race L. Kao, PhD, Carroll H. Long Chair of Excellence in Surgical Research 
David L. Williams, PhD 
Chuanfu Li, MD 
Tuanzhu Ha, MD 
Anthony Delucia, PhD 
Bridget Graves, MS 
Tammy Ozment, DVM, PhD 

Surgical Oncology
Tamra McKenzie, MD
Ariel Spencer, MD
Trauma Surgery / Critical Care 
Daniel Anderson, MD 
John Beatty, MD
Diane Cobble, MD
Tiffany Lasky, DO, MS 
Corydon Siffring, MD
George Testerman, MD 

Vascular Surgery 
Daniel Rush, MD, Director, Vascular Surgery 

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