PGY - 1  $47,681
PGY - 2  $49,104
PGY - 3  $50, 863
PGY - 4  $52,807
PGY - 5  $54,742

Chief Resident Stipend: $2,400

Salary subject to change
*Tennessee has no state income tax.

Vacation and Time-Off Policy

Fifteen (15) vacation days per year for all levels.
One weekend off per month.
One day off each week.

Educational Leave/Funds

PGY-4 and 5 residents may choose one scientific meeting per year. The department covers airfare and expenses.

Additional educational leave and funding is provided for research presentations for all levels at the discretion of the chairman.


Health insurance for the resident and his/her family is provided at a shared cost with the university.
Disability, life and malpractice insurance are also provided at no cost.
Additional disability coverage is available at low cost.

Sick Leave

One day per month sick leave is accrued.

Administrative Leave

Five days per residency for categorical residents and two days for preliminary residents.

Additional Benefits

ATLS course and certification
Free Internet medical searches and photocopy services at all hospitals.
Airfare and expenses for approved research presentations.
Monogrammed lab coats provided for all interns.
Credit Union membership available.
Free parking at all hospitals.
On-call meals provided at all hospitals.
Resident/Spouse auxiliary membership available.
Resident/Spouse/Dependent ETSU scholarships available.
Emergency loan fund available.


One and two bedroom apartments in the area are available for an average of $500 to $750 per month.

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