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The Office of Women in Medicine is part of the administrative structure of the college of medicine and is responsible for initiating, supervising, and evaluating programs aimed at the special needs and problems of women in medical education. The primary functions of this office include: 

1.    Support for the Committee on Women and Gender Issues as well as the Student Women in Medicine organization. 

2.    Coordinating women's issues within individual departments with the entire College of Medicine and the university as a whole. 

3.    Promoting recruitment, professional and personal development, and retention of women faculty and administrative staff. 

4.    Serve as a source of networking both within the institution and with other medical colleges and national organizations for women in medicine. 

5.    Encourage community women physicians to provide a role model for the medical students and resident physicians. 

6.    Coordinate sexual harassment and gender discrimination training and counseling. 

7.    Develop workshops and training programs to improve the skills of the college of medicine women. 

8.    Act as a source of information for issues of professional interest to women in medicine, including professional meetings, grant funding, job and scholarship opportunities, and other similar topics. 

9.    Maintain the College of Medicine Women's Resource Center with journals, books, newsletters, and audiovisual materials of interest women in medicine. 

10.    Support training programs to increase the knowledge of women's health for the medical students, resident physicians, and faculty and staff.
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