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Course Description


To provide an outpatient interdisciplinary experience in the care of women from adolescence through geriatrics in a variety of settings, including family medicine, gynecology, psychiatry, surgical oncology, cardiology, adolescent care, geriatrics, and pathology.  Specifically, elective participants will learn:  Interpretations of pap, colposcopy, and breast slides read with the pathologist. 


Clinical experiences with female patients in geriatrics, adolescent medicine, adolescent gyn, psychiatry, including work with patients from eating disorders, family medicine, cardiology, pathology, gynecology, including pelvic relaxation and pelvic pain problems, surgical oncology, specifically breast cancer and endocrinology. 

Readings and didactic components will include such areas as biology, physiology, endocrine, developmental tasks, exercise physiology, nutrition, pharmacology, prevention, psychology, women's studies, alternative medicine, and selections from the lay press.  Additional experiences may be included to meet the student's own learning objectives. 


Some group and one-on-one clinical experiences, instruction and precepting, one-on-one lecture / discussion, participation in Ob/Gyn didactics and Family Medicine lectures and workshop days as appropriate to women's health, selected readings from texts, lay press, and articles. 


1.  Presentation to course faculty, students, and residents in Ob/Gyn and / or Family Medicine on same or different topic (30%). 

2.  Clinical preceptor evaluations (70%).
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