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1980 - Informal group of women faculty and students met in faculty homes for hor d'oeuvres, informal mentoring and various programs. 

Late 1980's - Organization inactive. 

1990 - SWIM organized as a formal ETSU student organization with a constitution, bylaws, and dues; Dr. May Votaw (retired) as initial advisor, followed by Dr. Elizabeth Williams (QCOM Class of '85, dec.), and Dr. Elizabeth McCord.  This group decided not to establish a formal affiliation with the American Medical Women's Association (AMWA), although a few students have maintained individual memberships and reported to SWIM on AMWA meetings and activities. 

1995 - Office of Women in Medicine (WIM) and Committee on Gender and Special Issues (CGSI), formerly Committee on Women and Gender Issues (CWGI), established.  Both support the activities of SWIM by providing staff support (maintain mailing lists, send out messages / flyers, transcribe minutes, keep organization records, etc.) and continuity while leaving planning, programming and running of SWIM to the students. 

2000 - Women's Health Student Interest Group (WHSIG), now Ob/Gyn Student Interest Group, formed, addressing some of the women's health issues previously covered by SWIM.  The officers met to discuss merging vs. group projects, with the decision to work together on programs of mutual interest but maintain individual identities. 

2003 - SWIM officers either graduated or involved with clinical responsibilities and organization inactive. 


Balancing Your Personal and Professional Life 

Domestic Violence - Center Director of Safe Passage (Johnson City Domestic Violence Shelter) 

Effective Communication Between Men and Women in Medical Practice - Dr. Mary Jane Gibson 

Effects of Gender Culture in the Workplace Series (videos) 

Family and Medicine - Dr. Elizabeth McCord and daughter, Dr. Barbara Kimbrough and family 

Handling Stress - Dr. Carol Ann Coyle & Dr. Ramsey McGowen 

How to Present Yourself as a Medical Student in the Clinical Setting - Dr. Diana Nunley Gorman (QCOM Class of '83) 

Medical Malpractice Suits - Attorney Cheryl Lee (former nurse and mother of QCOM graduate) 

Medical Marriages Panel - 3 couples (2 MDs; wife MD; husband MD) 

Medicine and the Law - Attorney Kitty Grubb 

Patterns of Learner Abuse 

Personal Safety - Washington County Sheriff's Department 

Preventing Pharmaceutical Errors - Guest Speaker, Associate of Attorney Kitty Grubb 

Projecting a Professional Image - Drs. James and Sharon Turnbull 

Relaxation Techniques 

Sleep Deprivation 

Women in Medicine:  Changes Over Time Panel - Dr. May Votaw (Hematology / Oncology, Emeritus), Dr. Mary Michal (Developmental Pediatrics, Emeritus), and Dr. Patricia Moynihan (Pediatric Surgery, Emeritus) 

Women in Primary Care / Specialties - Panel or individual, Invited speakers talking about the special issues for women entering, practicing, and balancing personal and professional life in the various primary care and specialty professions.  SWIM has previously maintained a list of potential speakers from each department, specialty, and subspecialty. 

Items proposed but not completed marked (P) 

Babysitting Service for Medical Students in Clinical Year - organized by students in first 2 years 

"Coalition for Kids" - programs on health, tutoring in the sciences 

"Families First" - Tennessee's welfare-to-work program - organized drive for professional clothing donations for interviews 

(P) Guide for Community Health Services - put together a guide for medical students to give to their patients about the Downtown Clinic and other free or low cost health care services in the Tri-Cities area 

Mentoring Program for Junior High School Students - using American Association of University Women (AAUW) information to inform young girls of careers in the sciences [a study in 1995 revealed that most girls in area county schools see secretarial and educational positions as their only possibilities for jobs as adults; young girls in area city schools see a broader range of potential future careers] 

(P) Mentoring Program for Medical Students - using AMWA guidelines, students worked on an informal matching program between medical students and women faculty (true mentoring, in contrast to academic advising) [Note:  Fall 2004 - AMWA launched a "Woman to Woman" website providing mentoring opportunities for women medical students with interested faculty nationwide] 

Migrant Worker Health Clinic - worked with Family Medicine in the past 

Preparing for Residency - Annual program jointly sponsored with AOA consisting of a panel of Department Chairs, Residency Program Directors, and current resident physicians to discuss choosing a residency program, what residency programs are looking for, preparing for residency interviews, etc. 

"Safe Passage" - Johnson City Domestic Violence Shelter - collections based on needs, including diapers, toiletry items, clothing, toys (December meeting is often a "wrapping" party for the toys), baskets of household items (for women setting up a new household after leaving an abusive situation with only their clothing), and cell phones 

Sink or SWIM:  How to Survive the First Two Years of Medical School - Annual program presented a a pizza lunch close to orientation week providing lists of student recommended textbooks and resources, faulty who are particularly helpful to new students, etc. 

(P) Sponsor Annual Benefit Concert - Using volunteer talent from the faculty, staff, and student body, present concert using proceeds to support children in hospitals, Safe Passage, and other organizations 

Women's Health Fairs - Most recently held a health fair at Culp Center on Main ETSU campus; in the past participated with Family Medicine on health fairs at the mall, some members have worked jointly with WHSIG 

Annual Dinner and Program - usually in April at a local restaurant (House of Ribs, Main Street, etc.) 


     Chair (or 2 Co-Chairs) 
     Class Representative from each MS Class 

     2007 - Students ($10); Residents ($15); Faculty ($30) 
     1997 - Students ($10); Residents ($15); Faculty ($25) 
     1993 - Students ($7); Residents ($12); Faculty ($25) 
     1991 - Students ($5); Residents ($10); Faculty ($15) 

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