Appalachian Student Research Forum

The College of Public Health had a remarkable showing at the Appalachian Student Research Forum held on March 24, 2011.  Students in the College presented a  total of 19 posters and two oral presentations.  These included (in alphabetical order):

Katie Baker working with Joel Hillhouse and others; David Blackley and Megan Quinn working with Bruce Burlington and Toni Bounds; Ralistsa Borisova working with Bert Lampson; Brandon Farmer working with Allan Forsman; Yi He, Phani Veeranki, and Sumati Dadkar, working with Hadii Mamudu; Nicole Holt and others working with Tiejian Wu and others; Tracy Holt and Meng Liu working with Xuefeng Liu; Sumati Kadkar, Phani Veeranki, and Yi He working with Hadii Mamudu; Nathan Kahre working with Chris Pritchett; Meng Liu working with Xuefeng Liu; Britanny Moore (Biology), with Effiong Otukonyong; Heath Nier working with Allan Forsman; Lok Pokhrel working with Brajesh Dubey; Lok Pokhrel working with Brajesh Dubey (oral presentation); Megan Quinn and David Blackely working with Tim Aldrich and Toni Bounds and others; Sucheta Raghavendra and Phani Veeranki working with Tim Aldrich; Kasie Richards working with Deb Slawson, Xuefeng Liu and others; Rupesh Shirore, William Hudson, and  Mona Olaimi working with Chul-Young Roh; Rupesh Shirore working with Tim Aldrich; T.U. Silva working with Brajesh Dubey;  and Phani Veeranki, Yi He and Sumati Dadkar working with Hadii Mamudu (oral presentation).

Congratulations, especially to our three award winners:

Undergraduates:  Biomedical Sciences
Second Place:  Heath Nier  Faculty Sponsor:  Allan Forsman
Title:  "The Effects of Spaceflight on Mucin Production in Mouse Uterine Tissue."

Graduate Students, 1-2 Years:  Natural Sciences & Mathematics
Second Place Group A:  Ralitsa Borisova   Faculty Sponsor:  Bert Lampson
Title:  "Isolation of a Rhodococcus Soil Bacterium that produces a strong antibacterial compound."

Graduate Students, more than 2 years: Arts & Humanities and Social & Behavioral Sciences
First Place:  Katie Baker   Faculty Sponsor:  Joel Hillhouse
Title:  "A dual process model of pathological tanning behavior."

This showing reflects the great work our students are doing and documents our on-going commitment to including students in our research activities.  We recently documented that 85 percent of our funded research projects in the College involve students.

Congratulations to all participants-faculty and students.
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