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The ETSU College of Public Health is accredited by the Council on Education for Public Health (CePH). In June 2015, CePH re-accredited the College for a full seven-year term, extending to 2022. The College is also a full member of the Association of Schools and Programs of Public Health. The CePH Accreditation Report is available here.              

The College's Self-Study, submitted to CePH in 2015, is available below. Please forward comments or questions about accreditation or the Self-Study to Dr. Amal Khoury, Associate Dean for Quality and Planning,  .

Glossary of Acronyms

Criterion 1: The School of Public Health

           1.1 Mission
  1.2 Evaluation
  1.3 Institutional Environment
  1.4 Organization & Administration
  1.5 Governance
  1.6 Fiscal Resources
  1.7 Faculty & Other Resources
  1.8 Diversity

Criterion 2: Instructional Programs

  2.1 Degree Offerings
  2.2 Program Length
  2.3 Public Health Core Knowledge
  2.4 Practical Skills
  2.5 Culminating Experience
  2.6 Required Competencies
  2.7 Assessment Procedures
  2.8 Other Graduate Professional Degrees
  2.9 Bachelor's Degrees in Public Health
  2.10 Other Bachelor's Degrees
  2.11 Academic Degrees
  2.12 Doctoral Degrees
  2.13 Joint Degrees
  2.14 Distance Education or Executive Degree Programs

Criterion 3: Creation, Application, and Advancement of Knowledge

   3.1 Research
   3.2 Service
   3.3 Workforce Development

Criterion 4: Faculty, Staff, and Students

   4.1 Faculty Qualifications
   4.2 Faculty Policies and Procedures
   4.3 Student Recruitment and Admissions
   4.4 Advising and Career Counseling



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Self Study


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