Community Health

Community Health affords the student the opportunity to learn how to interact with communities for the purpose of health education and promotion; how to develop and conduct health assessments and program evaluations; and the importance of establishing collaborative organizational and community partnerships.

Community Health Concentration Requirements

Credit Hours

Public Health Core 16
Required Concentration Courses 12
Elective Courses 9
Culminating Experience 6
Total 43
Public Health Core 16
HSMP 5020 Philosophy of Public Health 1
ENVH 5100 Environmental Health Practice I 3
COBH 5200 Social and Behavioral Foundations of Public Health 3
BSTA 5310 Biostatistics I 3

EPID 5400 Epidemiology I

HSMP 5500 Health Services Administration 3
Community Health Concentration Courses 12
COBH 5110 Community Health Assessment Research 3
COBH 5120 Health Program Planning and Evaluation 3
COBH 5130 Consulting and Implementation of Health Programs and Services 3
COBH 5377 Health Communication 3
Community Health Concentration Elective Courses 9
Electives shall be selected in consultation with the student's academic advisor and may be taken in any area appropriate to the student's professional goals. 9
Culminating Experience (One of the Following) 6
COBH 5850 Public Health Program Field Experience 6