Health Services Admin

Health Services Administration is a multi-disciplinary field that focuses on the accessibility, financing, and organization of the health care services and the development and implementation of public health policy.

Health Services Administration Concentration Requirements

Credit Hours

Public Health Core 16
Required Concentration Courses 12
Elective Courses 9
Culminating Experience 6
Total 43
Public Health Core 16
HSMP 5020 Philosophy of Public Health 1
ENVH 5100 Environmental Health Practice I 3
COBH 5200 Social and Behavioral Foundations of Public Health 3
BSTA 5310 Biostatistics I 3

EPID 5400 Epidemiology I

HSMP 5500 Health Services Administration 3
Health Services Administration Concentration Courses 12
HSMP 5505 Managing Health Care Organizations 3
HSMP 5525 Health Services Organizations & Delivery 3
HSMP 5535 Health Policy, Politics, and Analysis 3
HSMP 5550 Human Resource Management in Health Organizations 3
Health Services Administration Concentration Elective Courses 9
Electives shall be selected in consultation with the student's academic advisor and may be taken in any area appropriate to the student's professional goals,  
Culminating Experience 6
HSMP 5850 Public Health Program Field Experience 6