Kasie Richards

Name: Kasie Richards

Email:  richards@goldmail.etsu.edu

Hometown City/Country:  Wilmington, NC

Undergraduate Degree/Institution: BA/University of North Carolina  at Chapel Hill

Graduate Degree/Institution: MS/Appalachian State University

Graduate program: Doctor of Public Health, Community Health

Year of Entry: Spring 2009

Research Advisor: Dr. Deborah Slawson

Research Interests: Childhood Obesity Prevention (BMI, Built Envi- ronment, Policy, Foodways)

Slawson,D., Johns-Wommack,R., Quinn,M., Southerland,J., Richards,K. & Smith,S. (2010, October  14) “Quantifying “Coordination” in Coordinated School Health Programs Himmelman’s Strate gies for Working Togthether as  a Theoretical Model: The Tennessee Experience”.   Oral Presen tation given at the 84th Annual American School Health Association Conference, Kansas City, MO

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