Sreenivas Phani Veeranki

Name: Sreenivas Phani Veeranki (Phani)


Hometown City/Country:  Hyderabad, India

Undergraduate Degree/Institution: MB., BS/Siddhartha Medical College

Graduate Degree/Institution: MPH/University of Illinois

Graduate program:  Doctor of Public Health, Epidemiology

Year of Entry:  Fall 2009

Research Advisor: Dr. james Anderson/Dr. Hadii M. Mamudu

Research Interests: Policy epidemiology, Cancer epidemiology, Cardiovascular epidemiology



Mamudu, HM., Veeranki, SP. Determinants of Youth Support for Smoke-free Policy:  Evidence from  the Global Youth Tobacco Survey, 1999-2007 (submitted)

Mamudu, HM., Veeranki, SP., He Y. Tobacco Use among University Personnel in a Tobacco-Producing  State (submitted)


Veeranki, SP, Thotakura, S, Bounds, T, Worthington, J. Staging and Treatment of Colorectal Cancer  in  Kentucky:  Appalachia vs. Non-Appalachia Appalachian Student Research Forum April 2010         Johnson City, TN (poster)

Mamudu, HM, Veeranki SP, He, Y. A Comparative Multivariate Analysis of School Personnel Atti- tudes and Behaviors Toward Smoke Free College Campus. CSEB National Student Conference  May 2010 Kingston, On, Canada  (poster)

Mamudu HM Veeranki SP, He Y. A Model for Effective Health Communication:  Promoting 100%     Tobacco-Free Policy in the Tennessee Higher Education System. National Conference on Health  Communication, Marketing and Media August 2010 Atlanta, GA  (poster)

Mamudu HM, Veeranki SP, Dadkar, S. Stakeholder Analysis of Adoption and Implementation of  Statewide Smoke-Free Policy in a Tobacco-Producing State:  Tennessee Non-Smokers Protection  Act. TPHA Annual Conference September 2010 Nashville, TN  (poster)

Veeranki SP, Mamudu HM, Epps-Johnson T, He Y. Analysis of Community Determinants of  Smoke-Free Policies in the United States. APHA Annual Conference November 2010.  (oral)


Mamudu H.M., Veeranki,S.P.  Adolescents Support for Smoke-free Policy:  Evidence from Global Youth To bacco Survey (submitted)

Mamudu H.M., Veeranki,S.P., He, Y. Tobacco Use among University Personnel in a Tobacco-producing state.  (submitted)

Mamudu H.M., Veeranki,S.P., He, Y. , Dadkar,S. Understanding personnel knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors  toward a 100% tobacco-campus policy in a tobacco-producing state. (submitted).

Veeranki, S.P., Brooks,B., Bolick, S., Robichaux M., Aldrich, T.  Quality of Care: The role of disease registries.  (submitted).

Mamudu H.M., Veeranki,S.P., He, Y. , Dadkar,S., Boone,E. Evaluating the strengths of tobacco-free policies in  Tennessee. (in preparation).


Veeranki, S.P. Lessons from Hurricane Katrina Apply to All Disasters. (APHASA Newsletter. Winter 2010 issue). 

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