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The ETSU American Society for Microbiology group is a student organization for undergraduate andgraduate students in Microbiology (including those in the Human Health concentration).

Our mission statement is:

1. To increase interest in microbiology

2. To involve students from all disciplines

3. To help members learn what can be done with a degree in microbiology

4. To help members learn about science and scientific research

5. To educate the community about microbiology

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The  shall serve as a representative board for the many departments of the College of Public Health, elicit student feedback and communicate issues of concern to the Dean of the College of Public Health, and advocate for the students.  Contact information:  

Members for academic year 2013-2014:

Officers:CPH Student Council Logo

Beth O'Connell- President and Community and Behavioral Health Graduate Representative

Erika Wild- Vice-President and Health Sciences Undergraduate Representative

Olivia Egen- Secretary and Health Service Management and Policy Graduate Representative

Joshua Kosky- Community and Behavioral Health Undergraduate Representative
Tyler Carpenter- Health Services Management and Policy Undergraduate Representative
Grayson Krtausch- Environmental Health Undergraduate Representative
Kayla Flowers- Environmental Health Graduate Representative
Joseph Ikekwere- Biostatistics and Epidemiology Graduate Representative
Nate Cunningham and Allison Foster- PHSA Representatives

The Public Health Student Association (PHSA) is a student organization for undergraduate, graduate and doctoral public health students enrolled in the College of Public Health at East Tennessee State University.

Our Mission is to:

1. Promote awareness of career and academic issues related to the field of public health by serving as a voice to the faculty and administration.

2. Support all public health students at ETSU academically, professionally, and socially.

3. Organize health-related volunteer activities within the community.

4. Collaborate with health organizations agencies, and associations regarding public health programming activities.

5. Encourage students to actively pursue educational and professional development.

6. Host regular social events for public health students to foster positive interactions among students, faculty and staff.

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Public Health Student Association Members Present to the General Welfare, Health and Human Resources Committee
The Farmer's Market at ETSU