Human Health


Each student planning to pursue a Bachelor's Degree in Health Sciences with a Human Health
concentration must apply for admission to the program. They are eligible to apply upon
completion of the following admission requirements.

The following admission standards apply to all entering ETSU students, to ETSU students seeking to change to a
Human Health major, to students transferring from other institutions, and to students readmitted to ETSU.

1. The student must have completed and earned a grade of "C" or higher in each of the following courses:
     BIOL    1110/1111  Biology for Science Majors I/Lab I
     BIOL    1120/1121  Biology for Science Majors II/Lab II*
     CHEM  1110/1111 General Chemistry I/Lab I
     CHEM  1120/1121 General Chemistry II/Lab II
     MATH   1530            Probability and Statistics
     HSCI     3000           Human Anatomy**

* BIOL 1130/1131 may be substituted for BIOL 1120/1121
**Students intending to apply for Honors-in-Discipline in 'Human Health' concentration need not complete this
   requirement as they will need to complete an honors section of 'Human Anatomy' upon acceptance to the
   'Honors-in-Discipline' program.

2. Students will be given two chances to earn a graded of "C" or higher in the above courses. After two unsuccessful
    attempts the student will be ineligible for admission to the program.

3. The student must also have a minimum GPA of 2.75 in all courses. Once admitted to the program the student must
    maintain a minimum GPA of 2.75 in all science courses or they will be dismissed from the program. It is strongly
    recommended that students consult the "Human Health Suggested Sequence" document.

Click HERE for the Application for Admission to the Human Health Concentration


General Education Core Credit Hours
ENGL 1010 Critical Reading/Expository Writing    3
ENGL 1020 Critical Thinking/Argumentations    3
SPCH 1300, 2300 or 2320 (Select one)     3
Literature (Select one)    3
Fine Arts (Select one)    3
Humanities (Select one)    3
PSYC 1310 Intro to Psychology    3
Social and Behavorial Science (Select one)    3
HIST 2010 United States to 1877    3
HIST 2020 United States from 1877    3
BIOL 1110/1111 Biology for Science Majors I/Lab I    4
BIOL 1120/1121 Biology for Science Majors II/Lab II    4
MATH 1530 Probability and Statistics Noncalculus    3
Total    41
Other Graduation Requirements  
CSCI Using Information Technology    3
Total    3
Major Field Core   
CHEM 1110/1111 General Chemistry I/Lab I    4
CHEM 1120/1121 General Chemistry II/Lab II    4
PHYS 2010/2011 General Physics I/Lab I (non-calculus)    4  
PHSY 2020/2021 General Physics II/Lab II (non-calculus)    4
HSCI 3320/3321 General Microbiology/Lab    4
COBH 1020 Introduction to Public Health    3
EPID 3080 Principles of Epidemiology    3
Total    26
Human Health Concentration Required Courses  
HSCI 3000 Human Anatomy      4
HSCI 3020 Human Physiology    4 
HSCI 3030/3031 Introduction to Biochemistry/Lab    4
HSCI 3046 Human Genetics    3
Total    15
Human Health Concentration Disciplinary Guided Electives 20 Credit Hours (chosen in consultation with advisor)  
*BIOL 4147 Biochemistry of Macromolecules    3
*BIOL 4157 Biochemistry of Macromolecules Lab    2
BSTA 3000 Introduction to Biostatistics    3
ENVH 3010 Human Ecology and Environmental Education    3
ENVH 3040 Environmental Sanitation    3
HSCI 2500 HIV/AIDS: Biology & Beyond    3
HSCI 3540 Immunology    3
HSCI 4018 Honors Thesis    3 - 6
HSCI 4067 Neurology    4
HSCI 4480 Clinical Parasitology    4
HSCI 4590 Independent Studies    1 – 4
HSCI 4770 Virology    4  
HSCI 4957 Special Topics in Health Sciences    1 - 6
 * can be substituted with BIOL 4167/4177 or HSCI 3030/31  
Total    20
Human Health Concentration Interdisciplinary Guided Electives: 18 Credit Hours (chosen in consultation with advisor)
Free Electives    3
Degree Total    120
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