The Monday Dose

The Monday Dose is the monthly professional development newsletter of the Department of Health Services Management and Policy-- written and prescribed by students for students and graduates of the department and college. The Monday Dose originated in the spring of 2012 and was begun by MPH student, Jennifer Swiatek. It was created as a way to help students and alumni to become more competitive and professional in their future endeavors. Each issue addresses a different professional development theme and includes contributions by students and faculty. A monthly publication, the Monday Dose is distributed electronically to our student and alumni list-serves and posted on the department and college websites. During 2012-13, MPH students Olivia Egen and Tina Nguyen led the creation, writing and formatting of the Monday Dose. Starting Fall 2013, MPH students Basil Alhassan and Melissa Sutphin have taken the helm as staff writers, with Dr. Amal Khoury as the editor, and department faculty as contributing writers. Starting in 2014, additional students will be involved in selecting topics for and developing the Monday Dose.

Here is some feedback from Management and Policy students on their take of the Monday Dose:

"The Monday Dose provides opportunity to learn professional skills outside of the career-specific skills we learn in the classroom. Each issue is filled with information and links for further investigation and therefore provides resources for students who need further development in specific areas."

- Bethesda O’Connell, MPH Student

"It's great to hear the faculty perspectives on issues relevant to the Health Administration field. You hear them teach it in class, but now we get to hear their opinions and real-life situations on different topics. It's good to know that what we are learning is completely practical to our success and professionalism outside of school."

- Nathan Cunningham, MPH Student

"I like how [the Monday Dose] topics are geared towards Professional Development rather than re-emphasizing topics we learn in class; for example, last month’s topic was all about Teamwork. ‘Ask the Professors’ is also really helpful, because it gives us examples and input from professionals in the field. The fact that the Monday Dose is evidence-based, with links to the articles where data are gathered, is very important, because it gives credibility to the publication."

- Terrance Washington, MPH Student

"I like the ‘Ask the Professors’ section because it links topics from class to actual professional situations."

- David Kioko, MPH Student

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