Pregnancy Policy

  1. The pregnant student may voluntarily provide written notice of pregnancy to the Program Director using the Notification of Pregnancy Form.

  2. The student has three options:
    Option I: The student may continue in the program without modification. The student will fulfill all program requirements as contained within the curriculum.
    Option II: The student may elect to continue in the program with modification which involves clinical reassignment. The student will fulfill all program requirements as contained within the curriculum; however, she understands that make up time may occur that would extend the length of the program.
    Option III: The student may elect to take a leave of absence from the program.

  3. If the student elects Option I or II, the student will have a conference with the Radiation Safety Officer, Program Director, and Director of Clinical Education to review dose limits, cardinal principles of radiation protection, and ALARA principles. The student must adhere to all radiation protection guidelines and recommendations. She w ill continue to wear her radiation badge at the collar level. When wearing a protective apron, the student should still wear her radiation badge outside the apron at the collar level. A fetal badge will be ordered as soon as the Notification of Pregnancy Form is submitted, and this badge will be worn at the waist level. When wearing a protective apron, the student will wear the fetal badge at the waist level under the apron.

  4. The student may request a leave of absence when she is no longer able to function in a manner conducive to learning. A written release from her physician must be given to the Program Director prior the student returning to the didactic and clinical components of the program. The student will meet with program faculty prior to resuming didactic courses and will meet with the Director of Clinical Education prior to resuming the clinical education component of the program. The Director of Clinical Education and the student will meet to schedule clinical make-up time.

  5. The student may withdraw the declaration of pregnancy at any time. This request must be presented in writing to the Program Director.