Audiology Clinics at ETSU


Listening is a very complex process.  The actions of the outer ear, middle ear, and inner ear send sounds via the auditory nerve to the brain.  The brain then interprets the auditory information; for example it tells us that a particular sound is a dog barking or a bird singing.  Auditory Processing is a medical term for Listening.  A child who can hear well, but cannot understand the sounds may have Auditory Processing Disorder (APD). 

Some Symptoms of APD

  • Difficulty understanding when listening
  • Difficulty following auditory directions
  • Difficulty remembering multi-step instructions
  • Difficulty understanding in noisy situations
  • Difficulty following conversations in a group
  • Difficulty with note-taking in class
  • Difficulty copying from the board
  • Reading and spelling difficulties
  • Short attention span and fatigues easily
  • Verbal IQ lower than performance IQ

Services Offered

Audiology testing may include:

  • A complete hearing evaluation
  • Screening Questionnaire
  • APD test battery evaluation including
        -Speech in noise testing
        -Speech discrimination testing
        -Dichotic listening
        -Temporal processing

Speech-Language Evaluation and services may include:

  • Speech and Language evaluation
  • Speech and Language therapy
  • Fast ForWord® and Earobics® computer-assisted treatments


After the evaluation one of the clinicians will discuss the test results with you and make appropriate recommendations.  Recommendations may include:

  • Speech and Language intervention
  • A custom designed hearing training program with listening strategies
  • Collaborative management with patients, parents, educators, and speech-language pathologist
  • Usage of an assistive listening device to overcome background noise in the classroom
  • Collaboration with educators to implement needed classroom modifications

To schedule an appointment, call the ETSU Audiology Clinic at the Johnson City Medical Center, (423) 929-6902.

ETSU Audiology Processing Clinic Brochure