Audiology Clinics at the V.A.

The Hearing Aid Problem (HAP) clinic allows for half-hour appointments when a veteran is having problems with a hearing aid or needs to pick-up a repaired hearing aid. When veterans are issued hearing aids, they are given a copy of the hearing aid manual Your VA Hearing Aid that includes troubleshooting guides for hearing aids.  If the guide does not solve the problem, then the veteran will be scheduled into the HAP clinic. The clinic includes one dedicated repair room equipped with drills, ultra violet lights, shell materials, and a suctioning/vacuum unit that allow for repairs to be completed in-house whenever possible. Currently five half-days are scheduled for HAP appointments, thus allowing for 30-35 appointments weekly. Veterans are also welcome to walk-in to the clinic if they are having problems. In-warranty repairs can typically be returned to the patient within 2-3 weeks if sent to a manufacturer for repair.