Post Implant Rehabilitation

  • Rehabilitation is a required part of implantation.

  • The primary goals of rehabilitation are to develop and improve:
        -auditory/aural skills
        -receptive speech and language skills
        -expressive speech and language skills
        -incidental learning from the auditory environment
        -academic achievement

  • Therapy includes:
        -Multiple weekly aural and speech-language therapy sessions
        -Daily therapy sessions at school.

  • A multidisciplinary, dedicated group is necessary. This group includes a SLP (Speech language pathologist), A/V therapist, educators, parents, family, psychologist, and other providers.


  • The focus depends on patient’s previous experience with sound and listening goals.  If a person is implanted who lost their hearing 6 months ago they are probably not going to need much post implant therapy.  However if an adult that has been deaf since birth is implanted they will probably need quite a bit of post implant therapy. 

  • Most people do not conduct formal rehabilitation programs with a SLP unless they are not progressing well.

  • The cochlear implant manufacturer provides rehabilitation tools to be used either at home or in the clinic.   

Manufacturers of Cochlear Implants