Primary Care Screening

The purpose of this clinic is to identify veterans who may have communication difficulties due to hearing and/or speech-language problems. We provide this service to benefit the veteran as well as the primary care provider. By screening patients before their appointment, we are able to alert the primary care providers that barriers to effective communication may exist. Another objective of the screening program is to provide comprehensive audiological services to eligible veterans - many of whom are unaware that they can get help from the VA.

There are over 200 veterans seen each day in the Primary Care Clinic, located on the second floor of the Domiciliary (Building 169). Although only a small number of patients are screened by Audiology, most patients have the opportunity for screening at a later time because they are seen on a routine basis by Primary Care. Typically, 15-20 patients are screened each day.  The screening protocol includes an otoscopic examination, pure-tone hearing screening, and questions assessing communication handicap. Patients who fail the screening are referred to the Audiology or Speech Pathology Service for comprehensive assessment. The clinic typically operates 4 days/week and is staffed by Audiology graduate trainees under the supervision of  Dr. Dan Bell