Vestibular Assessment

Veterans experiencing dizziness and/or balance problems are assessed in the Vestibular/Balance Laboratory. The Vestibular/Balance Laboratory is located in Rooms L072, L073, and L074 of the Audiology Clinic in the Outpatient Building #204. The Vestibular/Balance laboratory is equipped with the ICS computerized CHARTR video nystagmography/electronystagmograpjy (VNG/ENG) system and a water and an air caloric stimulator. VNG/ ENG is the test of choice for determining site and laterality of vestibular disorders. A System 2000 rotational chair (Micromedical Technologies) is available to determine if dizziness may be due to a disorder of the inner ear or brain and to identify bilateral vestibular loss. The micro-centrifuge and subjective visual vertical options to the rotational chair are available to assess otolithic organ function. Vestibular evoked myogenic potentials are also used to assess otolithic (saccule) function.

Other vestibular tests in the Laboratory include the Dynamic Visual Acuity Test and the VORTEQ test (Micromedical Technologies). A computerized dynamic posturography (CDP) system and Long Forceplate attachment (NeuroCom, Smart Equitest) is located in the laboratory and available for balance assessment and balance re-training. The CDP test assesses major sensory and motor components of balance. The laboratory also contains an infra-red video eye movement recorder ( Eye Dynamics ) for use with assessment and treatment of patients with benign paroxysmal positioning vertigo (BPPV. Faith Akin, Ph.D. is director of the Vestibular/Balance Laboratory.