Auditory Physiology Lab

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Current Equipment/Technology

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Publications and Presentations:

Jedrzejczak WW, Smurzynski J, Blinowska KJ. (2008) Origin of suppression of otoacoustic emissions evoked by two-tone bursts. Hear Res 235, 80-89. 4.

Jedrzejczak WW, Smurzynski J, Blinowska KJ, Kochanek K, Skarzynski H. (2009) Otoacoustic emissions evoked by two-tone bursts using linear and non-linear protocol. In: NP Cooper, DT Kemp DT (Eds) Concepts and Challenges in the Biophysics of Hearing. World Scientific, Singapore, pp. 209-214.

Sliwa L, Kochanek K, Durrant JD, Smurzynski J. (2008) Audiology makes rapid advances in Poland. The ASHA Leader 13, 28-30.

2009 Distinguished Faculty Award for Research, College of Clinical and Rehabilitative Health Sciences, ETSU.


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