Electroacoustic and Psychoacoustic Investigations of Hearing Lab

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Elangovan, S., & Stuart, A. (2008). Natural Boundaries in Gap Detection Are Related To Categorical Perception Of Stop Consonants. Ear and Hearing. 29(5), 761-774

Elangovan, S., & Stuart, A. (2011) A Cross-Linguistic Examination of Auditory Electrophysiological Correlates of Categorical Perception of Voicing Cues. The Journal of the Neuroscience Letters, 490, 140-142.

Leigh-Paffenroth & Elangovan (2011) Temporal Processing in Low Frequency Channels: Effects of Age & Hearing Loss in Middle-Aged Listeners. Journal of the American Academy of Audiology, 22, 1-13.


American Academy of Audiology Foundation Student Research Forum Award, AudiologyNOW!, 2012. Faculty Mentor for Ms. Nicole Payne

First place in the Clinical Research and Case Studies Biomedical and Health Sciences Oral Presentation category at the Appalachian Student Research Forum for her oral presentation titled, "Musical Training Influences Temporal Processing." Faculty Mentor for Ms.Nicole Payne


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