Self-Efficacy for Tinnitus Management Questionnaire (SETMQ)

The SETMQ measures an individual’s tinnitus self-efficacy, or the confidence individuals have in their abilities to control their reaction to their tinnitus and to implement tinnitus management strategies. The SETMQ can be administered to adults pre- and/or post- tinnitus interventions. The following documents may be useful when using the SETMQ in clinical and research applications:

Blank pen-and-paper SETMQ form

When citing the SETMQ for publications or presentations, please use the following citation:

Smith, S. L. & Fagelson, M. (2011). Development of the Self-Efficacy for Tinnitus Management Questionnaire. Journal of the American Academy of Audiology, 22, 424-440. PMID: 21993049.