Neina Ferguson Ph.D.



CDIS 5290 Advanced Adult Neurological Cognitive Communication Disorders

CDIS 5045 Dysphagia

CDIS 5275 Dysphagia Lab

CDIS 5040 Adult Language Disorders

CDIS 4000 Communication Sciences and Disorders

Clinical Interests

Aphasia rehabilitation

Feeding and swallowing distress in preterm and term infants

Dysphagia in adults with tracheostomy tubes

Research Interests

Assessment approaches for detecting aspiration in preterm infants using the Syanctive Theory as a guide

     Presentations: A retrospective analysis of behavioral and physiologic signs of aspiration in

     premature infants

Gestural approaches for word retrieval in persons with non-fluent aphasia

     Presentations: A comparison of intention and pantomime gesture treatments for

     word retrieval in people with aphasia

Pedagogical approaches for training clinical judgment skills in dysphagia assessment

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Curriculum Vitae

Graduate Assistants: Jamesa Ewing, Jackie Palmer, Emily Wagner, Anna Miller  

 graduate assistants






Assistant Professor
Department of ASLP

East Tennessee State University
253 Lamb Hall
PO Box 70643
Johnson City, TN 37614
Office: (423) 439-4712
Fas: (423) 439-4607