Neina Ferguson Ph.D.

CDIS 5290 Advanced Adult Neurological Cognitive Communication Disorders
CDIS 5045 Dysphagia
CDIS 5275 Dysphagia Lab
CDIS 5040 Adult Language DisordersfergusonCDIS 4000 Communication Sciences and Disorders

Clinical Interests:
Aphasia rehabilitation
Feeding and swallowing distress in preterm and term infants
Dysphagia in adults with tracheostomy tubes

Research Interests:
Assessment approaches for detecting aspiration in preterm infants using the Syanctive Theory as a guide.
Gestural approaches for word retrieval in persons with non-fluent aphasia.
Pedagogical approaches for training clinical judgment skills in dysphagia assessment. 

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Assistant Professor
Department of ASLP
East Tennessee State University
253 Lamb Hall
PO Box 70643
Johnson City, TN 37614
Office: (423) 439-4712
Fas: (423) 439-4607