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Application process for next class of PT students !! 
The department will be accepting applications until July 1, 2015 for the new class of PT students to enter in January, 2016. See the admissions section of the website for information.  To insure a timely processing of your materials, it is highly recommended that your completed application be submitted to the Graduate School well before the deadline of July 1st. 

The PT Select Program:
Students attending ETSU and choosing to participate in the PT Select Program will be required to enroll in PHYT 2000 - Introduction to Physical Therapy.  This course can be completed at anytime during the undergraduate years.  The course will review the various specialty areas in Physical Therapy, will discuss the political issues facing the practice of Physical Therapy, and will provide crucial information about the interview process which is necessary for entrance into the program.  Students who take this course will have a distinct advantage during their interview. 

Additionally, at the time of application participants in the PT Select Program are required to have a 3.5 or better overall GPA and a 3.4 or better GPA in the pre-requisite courses.  If students meet these requirements, they will automatically be invited to interview for consideration of acceptance into the Physical Therapy Program.  All applications for admission to the Physical Therapy program must be sent to the Graduate School for processing by the July 1st deadline.  All applications should arrive at the Graduate College well in advance of the deadline.  Do not wait and procrastinate your application submission. 



The Physical Therapy Department students participated in APTA's Reach100 Student Membership Challenge and successfully completed the challenge.  Congratulations Everyone!!

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