PT Select


The Physical Therapy Select program (PT Select Program) at ETSU is designed to 1) recruit, identify, and provide consultation to promising students during their college career; and 2) provide exposure to the field of physical therapy and the health care profession.

Requirements for Eligibility

Students accepted into the PT Select Program must maintain an overall GPA of 3.5 and a pre-requisite GPA of 3.4, by the end of their undergraduate degree.  Additionally, they must take the Graduate Record Exam (GRE) prior to applying to the DPT program.

Before making application to enter the PT Select Program, students must complete the PHYT 2000 (Introduction to Physical Therapy) course.  Topics of this course, presented by ETSU PT Faculty and PT Clinicians, will focus on professional issues and occupational opportunities in the field of Physical Therapy.  Additionally,  the student will be taught how to navigate the admissions and interview processes.  In this way, students in the PT Select Program will develop an accurate overview of Physical Therapy as a profession, while also gaining important clinical and legal understanding about the profession.  This knowledge, together with the opportunity to interact with PT Faculty and Clinicians, will serve to develop the student’s interview skills, while also preparing them for a career in Physical Therapy.  Thus, ETSU PT Select students have the dual advantage of a guaranteed interview and the curriculum of the PHYT 2000 class.     

While acceptance into the PT Select Program guarantees the student an interview, it does not guarantee admission into the PT program.  Thus, students accepted into the PT Select Program should maintain the high academic standards expected of students accepted into the program through the regular admissions process.  If you leave the University before finishing your Bachelor’s degree, or you graduate and do not apply to the Physical Therapy program, you will not be able to retain your position in the PT Select program.


Students accepted into the PT Select Program may choose any undergraduate major or concentration; there is no preferred degree for acceptance into the program.  However, PT Select students are required to meet with the Physical Therapy program chair at least once each semester for advising and a review of the student’s academic progress.  Students are responsible for meeting the DPT prerequisite course requirements as well as those requirements necessary to complete their chosen BA or BS degree.  Students are also expected to meet with their major undergraduate advisor to ensure they are making satisfactory progress in completing the requirements for a BA or BS degree.

The PT Select program is not an accelerated program.  Students accepted into the PT Select program may not enroll in DPT courses prior to their acceptance into the DPT program.

In Summary :  PT Select students must:

1.   Maintain an overall GPA of 3.5 for the baccalaureate degree and an overall GPA of 3.4 for the prerequisite courses required of all students applying for entrance into the PT program;

2.    Take the PHYT 2000 course here at ETSU;

3.    Make application to be admitted to the PT Select program while they are enrolled in the PHYT 2000 course;

4.    Take the Graduate Record Exam (GRE) and earn a score of 950 or better;

5.    Completely fill out an application through the Graduate College to be considered for admission into the Physical Therapy Program which includes official grade transcripts from all colleges/Universities attended, three letters of recommendation (one from a PT), and a one-page personal statement expressing your interest in becoming a Physical Therapist.