If you are an undergraduate student at ETSU or another institution, this page should answer many of the questions that undergraduate students have.

  • Do I have to attend ETSU for my bachelor's degree to apply to the ETSU DPT program?
    • No, you don't. You can earn your bachelors degree from any regionally accredited institution and then apply to the ETSU physical therapy program. You do have to take the prerequisite courses and meet the other requirements for eligibility no matter what school you attend for your bachelors degree.
  • If I attend a school other than ETSU, will I be able to take the prerequisite courses at my undergraduate institution?
    • That depends. Most four-year (senior) institutions will offer most of the prerequisite courses and some will offer all the prerequisites.  However, when in doubt about whether or not a course will meet a prerequisite requirement, please contact
    • For a listing of the courses at your institution that will meet the prerequisite requirements for ETSU's PT program, please send an email to  and include the schools for which you need a list. Please note - if you have attended more than one school, you cannot assume that because a course may have transferred from one school to the next that we will accept the courses in the same way.
  • I am currently enrolled at an institution other than ETSU but I plan to transfer to ETSU. Will the courses I've taken transfer to ETSU?
    • That depends. The first place to look for information on transfer courses is on Transfer Student information site. Once you have applied to ETSU, you will receive a transcript analysis that will show the courses you have taken at institutions other than ETSU and how those courses are accepted at ETSU.
    • PLEASE NOTE: Students cannot transfer into the physical therapy program. The PT program is a graduate level program and the applications for the PT program are processed through the School of Graduate Studies. However, you could transfer to ETSU to complete a bachelors degree.
  • I am an undergraduate student at ETSU, or will be, and classified as PRPT. Who do I see for advising?
    • (439-7468) handles general advising for students classified as PRPT.
  • I am currently attending a community college. Once I complete my associate's degree and prerequisite courses, can I apply to the PT program?
  • Can I get an undergraduate degree in Physical Therapy?
    • No, all Physical Therapist (PT) education programs are now at the graduate level.  There are schools in Tennessee that offer Physical Therapist Assistant (PTA) degrees at the associate level.  ETSU does not offer a PTA degree program.  A full list of PT and PTA programs accredited by the Commission on Accreditation in Physical Therapy Education (CAPTE) is available at www.capteonline.org.
  • Can I major in Pre-Physical Therapy?
    • As strange as this may seem, no, there is no degree in Pre-Physical Therapy. For ETSU students who are classified as PRPT, that just means that you have expressed an interest in physical therapy and you can be classified as PRPT for advising purposes only. Pre-PT is not a major, program, degree, concentration, or minor. It is actually the same thing as being undeclared because PRPT is not an actual major.  You don't have to be classified as PRPT to be advised for the program though. There are plenty of students who are never classified as PRPT.
  • So what should I major in as an undergraduate?
    • Simply put, you should major in something that appeals to you; something you are good at; something that 'grabs' you. The PT department at ETSU does not require or recommend any particular major. We do hope that each student will consider their interests, skills, and abilities in selecting their undergraduate course of study. 
    • We also encourage students to make appointments with faculty in the departments of majors they are considering. The faculty member can provide you with information related to the major, including required courses, any appropriate sequencing of courses, and information on what graduates of their program are doing.
  • I have already declared a major. Can I still meet with someone in the Physical Therapy department for advice about the PT program?
    • YES! We hope that you will do that. Contact the department at 423-439-8793 to schedule an appointment.
  • Do I have to make an appointment to see the advisor in Physical Therapy?
    • Yes and no. 
      • Yes, if you want to meet with someone in person. Individual appointments are scheduled by calling 423-439-8793.
      • However, an in-person appointment is not necessary if you prefer to use the phone or email. This is particularly convenient if you are attending school somewhere other than ETSU or if your schedule does not allow you to make appointments during business hours Monday through Friday.  The Admissions Coordinator can be reached at or 423-439-8792
  • I have questions that I didn't find an answer to on this site. Can I request more information?
    • Yes! Please contact if you still have questions.
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